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David Hughes Rural

Helping you grow your business by putting together funding packages for Farms, Farm Developments, Diversification Projects, Buildings, Barn Conversions, Farm Restructuring, Agriculturally Tied Properties, Dealer Premises, Equine Property and Developments, Working Capital, Equipment and much more.

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Helping you grow your business by providing a one to one mentoring service which gives guidance to growing and mature rural businesses. Clients have found it particularly useful when we have been asked to assist in their negotiations with their Bank Manager. Indeed some Banks have introduced me to their customers where they feel I can be of help.

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Helping you grow your business by putting together Hire Purchase, Lease and Operating Lease finance solutions for Agricultural Equipment including Cars, Milking Parlours, Livestock and Buildings. We also have funders who will consider Renewable Energy Projects including solar and Biomass as well as Office Equipment. If you are unsure please give me a ring.

David Hughes Rural
  • Solar Panels
    We have arranged Hire Purchase facilities for a number of renewable projects including Solar Panels. There are a number of lenders who will put these assets on Hire Purchase.
  • Grain Store
    We have a panel of lenders who will provide facilities for the construction for farm buildings including grain stores. These can be by way of loan or Asset Finance. Speak to us to get the best structure for your business.
  • Pig Arcs
    If you need to invest in new pig equipment speak to us to discuss the best facility for your business. Our lenders will look at this equipment on HP if there are serial numbers.
  • Land and Buildings
    Lenders are generally very enthusiastic when they are asked to consider secured loans for farm land and buildings. As we have good relationships with all the main banks we can help you assess which lender would best meet your needs.

David guided us and supported us through a difficult period when we moved to another bank, and set out to buy a neighbouring farm at the same time. Our eventual success in that purchase is largely due to the help and constructive advice that David gave us in obtaining, and structuring, our borrowing. He helped and supported us in shaping plans for other projects that would make our farming business more sustainable and resilient. We are very grateful that David brought his help and expertise to us at a critical time in the development of our farming business.

East Norfolk Farming Partners

David & I have worked together for many years on behalf of our mutual clients. It is always a pleasure to work with David as he works hard to provide solutions to the tasks in hand, he is a lateral thinker & never loses sight of what is in the best interests of his clients.

Norwich Accountant

David was our bank manager for around 12 years. His approach and enthusiasm has enabled us to expand and diversify our business extensively. When we purchased another farm David played an essential role in helping us to secure a loan and structure our debt accordingly, often going out of his way to help. Our business continues to work with David Hughes Rural Business Solutions Ltd.

Norfolk Farmer

Thank you for arranging Hire Purchase on the second hand Teleporter and the new Spread a Bale loader. The process was very efficient and you appeared very enthusiastic in helping my in my small pig business. I will contact again when I am about to purchase some more equipment.

Norfolk Pig Farmer

Thank you, for working with the company over the last 9 months to help us get our new business off the ground. You have helped the company obtain a Low Carbon Fund Loan and introduced a second director, without which the business would not have progressed to starting the spreading of liquid digestate.

Liquid Digestate Solutions Ltd

Thank you for your assistance in sorting out our business rebanking exercise, you introduced us to a new Bank manager and then liaised  with our Accountant and Solicitor to ensure that the change of Banks went as smoothly as possible.

With your help the structure of our business finances are much more appropriate with a 20 year loan and an Overdraft at a competitive interest rate.

West Norfolk Farming Business

Thank you for arranging the Asset Finance to enable our company to acquire more pig arcs and feeders etc for our outdoor pig farms.  The unusual structure was very tax effective which helped enormously.

Norfolk Pig Farmer

Thank you for your help in putting together a session on Business Planning in our Future Managers Course. From the feedback we obtained I know that the students enjoyed your session and gleaned a lot from discussions about  your experience as an Agricultural Bank manager. As always it was a pleasure to work with you and we look forward to working with you again in the future.

Easton & Otley College

@RexRural My umbrella organisation, hats off to the team in Wrexham who provide excellent support

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David Hughes Rural